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Submitted Date: 4/20/2017 9:29:20 PM

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I work for Suncor and am on my way home from work but we are at a standstill because the roads are covered in ice. Why have these roads not been sanded?! This is so dangerous. Who is in charge of the maintenance of these roads? We are on the Diversivied bus and are stuck between Suncor and Supertest. We have been sitting here for an hour now and I don't see this changing anytime soon. Dispatch is telling everyone to stop because it is too dangerous to continue. The RCMP are here and there is now a sand truck on the way but this is ridiculous. The safety of the people traveling these roads must be a priority. The sand trucks should have been out long ago. I'm very disappointed in how are tax dollars are being spent!



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Current Status: Thank you for submitting your concern. Highway 63 is not maintained by the Municipality. It is a provincial responsibility contracted to Carillion. When the Municipality became aware of the road conditions, contact was made with Carillion to advise them of the situation. If you encounter future concerns regarding Highway 63, you can contact Carillion directly at 1-800-390-2242.

Completed Date: 4/21/2017